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What is the difference between gas insulated ring network cabinets and other types of ring network cabinets?

Publish Time: 2023-07-27
The main difference between gas insulated ring main unit and other types of ring main unit is its insulation method.
The gas-insulated ring network cabinet adopts gas-insulated technology, that is, uses gas (such as SF6) as the insulating medium to isolate the high-voltage conductor from the ground or another high-voltage conductor, thereby achieving electrical isolation and insulation.
While other types of RMUs, such as air-insulated RMUs and solid-insulated RMUs, use air and solid materials as insulation media, respectively.
The gas-insulated ring network cabinet has high insulation performance and small volume, but it is difficult to handle in terms of airtightness and explosion-proof performance, while the air-insulated ring network cabinet has better airtightness and explosion-proof performance, but the volume is larger .
The solid insulated ring network cabinet combines the advantages of gas insulated ring network cabinet and air insulated ring network cabinet.
In short, different types of RMUs have different advantages and characteristics, and they need to be selected according to specific application scenarios and personal needs.

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