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Gas insulated ring network cabinet

Ring main unit
It is designed and produced according to GB and IEC standards and adopts fully insulated and sealed structure. It is suitable for dirty, salt fog, humid, high altitude and other harsh environments, and various schemes meet more stringent requirements.
Layered and distributed design is adopted, which can be installed on the panel or directly on the switch cabinet
·Enclosed and reinforced unit foil, suitable for harsh environments, with strong anti-interference ability, and in line with IEC electromagnetic compatibility standards
·64 SOE events can be recorded
·Chinese LCD display, keyboard operation
Independent starting element is set to open the relay power supply and improve the safety of the device
Main technical features: 
1. Atmospheric pressure sealing: gas exchange can be carried out inside and outside the cabinet, avoiding the need for unstable air pressure in the inflatable cabinet. This technology prolongs the service life of the equipment, increases the stability of the equipment operation, and is maintenance-free for more than 25 years;
2. Vacuum arc extinguishing: real green power equipment, *** popular insulation method, no SF6, reduce the risk of SF6 leakage leading to reduced arc extinguishing capacity, less risk and safer; 
3. Miniaturization: The compact circuit breaker cabinet is only 460 wide, and it is placed on a reliable wall. Compared with traditional lockers, it reduces the floor space by 3/4 and greatly reduces the construction cost of the switch room; 
4. SCR concept: the operating mechanism is simple and novel, the operation is simple, stable and reliable; 
5. Split-phase insulation: split-phase insulation and self-healing insulation structure, no risk of short circuit explosion; 
6. Intelligence: realize digital measurement, network control, visual status and information interaction, and meet the conditions for building a distributed zero-power fault self-healing system.

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