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SF6 gas insulated ring network switchgear

It has obtained the type test report in Wangjialiang Piezoelectric Apparatus Test Center and is listed as a high-tech product. It is widely used in 12kV/24kV power distribution systems and is the preferred switching product for various types of urban and rural user power transformation and distribution systems.
DSY-12/24 SF6 gas absolute explosion switchgear SF6 gas is used as the extinction and absolute medium.
The switchgear is fully sealed and insulated; Busbars, switches and live parts are completely enclosed
In the stainless steel shell, the chamber is filled with (0.045MPa) SFG gas, and the protection grade reaches.
IP67; The whole switchgear is completely free from the influence of external environmental conditions, even in case of short-term water immersion
In extreme cases, it can also ensure the normal operation of the switch, and the product is free of maintenance for life.
The switchgear is equipped with a perfect "five prevention" interlocking device to completely eliminate the possible personnel and equipment operation failures caused by human misoperation.
All switchgear shall have reliable safe pressure relief channels, which can be guaranteed even in the case of polar mirror
Personnel safety.
The switchgear can be divided into fixed unit combination and expandable unit combination. The switchgear usually has front incoming and outgoing lines, and can also realize top outgoing lines or side expansion according to different installation positions.
The switchgear body size is convenient for installation, and can be suitable for places with narrow space and poor environmental conditions.
The switchgear can be configured with electric, remote control and monitoring devices according to different needs of users.

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