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Atmospheric sealed air insulated switchgear

The DSY-V-12kV atmospheric sealed air insulated high-voltage metal enclosed switchgear is an intelligent equipment with environmentally friendly materials, affordable prices, and convenient operation. All conductive parts inside the switch are installed in a sealed stainless steel gas box, which is insulated with air and thermoplastic environmentally friendly materials. The main switch is driven by a spring operating mechanism or permanent magnet mechanism, and the direct air arc extinguishing, air insulation, and isolation switch adopt a three-position structure Adjacent switchgear bodies are connected through solid insulated busbars.
The secondary circuit adopts integrated control technology and supports data transmission function. When the equipment is installed and powered on site, the equipment will spontaneously signal and shake hands with the main station for the first time. The main station will obtain the health status, coordinate position, operating environment, and operating parameters of the equipment, which is convenient for operation and maintenance personnel to timely grasp the operating status of the equipment.

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